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Active Modified Atmosphere Packaging (AMAP) is a technology where the packaging of fresh produce is altered with micro-perforations to match with the respiration rate of the produce. Applying AMAP extends the shelf life of fresh produce and reduces spoilage.


How it works

The respiration of different produce can be analyzed with a respiration meter. This product specific data is then transferred to a micro-perforation system, which alters the transmission rate of the packaging. The perforated package regulates the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, extending the shelf life of fresh produce.


Fresh produce continues breathing when it has been cut (respiration). Oxygen is consumed and carbon dioxide emitted, affecting the freshness of the produce which results in spoilage. This respiration is highly product specific and also depends on temperature. Altering the transmission rate of the packaging material with micro-perforations enables producers to control the respiration of the produce, resulting in a longer shelf life and less spoilage.

AMAP technology

The data obtained from measurements of the respiration meter can be uploaded onto the AMAP website with subscription ( to convert data into the flexible film transmission required. This value is an entry parameter for Perfotec Laser systems.

Opportunities of AMAP

TOP bv has a testing facility with respiration meters and experienced professionals available.

Available equipment

Commercial equipment for AMAP including laser perforation and respiration meter is exclusively sold by Perfotec:


For information about costs you can contact Perfotec or TOP.


How AMAP of TOP and Perfotec works is explained in the movies below:

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