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Within this category an overview is made of all technologies used to remove water from a (wet) product flow. Purpose of the drying process is usually to reduce the water activity so shelf life is extended. Drying is a specific form of separation technology (see Separation & Extraction).

List ofknown novel technologies

  1. IQD (individual quick drying) drying
  2. Radiofrequent, Microwave en Infrarood drying
  3. Superheated steam or SHS dryers
  4. Sorption dryers with zeolite
  5. Extraction based on supercritical CO2
  6. Permadry (Remove adherent water)
  7. Vacuum roller drying
  8. Energy efficient spray drying
  9. Micro spray drying

List of prevailing technologies

  1. Band dryers
  2. Centrifuges
  3. Drying in the sun
  4. Roller dryers
  5. Flash- / ring dryers
  6. Evaporators combined with dryers
  7. Salting
  8. Room and tunnel dryers
  9. Air drying
  10. Air knife
  11. Paddle dryers
  12. Presses
  13. Freeze-drying
  14. Shaking bed dryers
  15. Spray drying
  16. Tumble dryers
  17. Vacuum dryers
  18. Whirl bed or fluid bed dryers
  19. Torbet (turbulent air)

A basis overview of known drying technologies can be found at wikipedia.

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