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It seems so easy. You’ve prepared something tasty in your kitchen, so you can start selling it in the supermarkets right away. Unfortunately this is not how it works in real life. The road from idea to realisation is a long and tough one, which is called NPD (New Product Development).

At TOP we prefer to use the term Food Design, because it is all about designing the recipe, designing the packaging and designing the production process. With TOP Foodlab we inspire our clients with so called LabJam's; read more about this on the TOP Foodlab website. An overview of applications/products that are developed using new technologies you can find here: LINK APPLICATIONS


• 1 Full NPD (New Product Development)

• 2 Labjam's and Ideas

• 3 TOP FoodLab Kitchen on ABP 10 in Wageningen

• 4 Overview pilot equipment available at TOP b.v.

Full NPD (New Product Development)

After an inspiring LabJam the hard work starts: Full NPD (New Product Development). A NPD eventually results in the production and launch of a food product that is safe, produced on a large scale and which meets the criteria of modern retail organisations. This makes a food product ‘supermarketable’. This is something completely different than making a product in a restaurant or catering facility. For the development of a new product we use a standard NPD approach which contains the following steps.

• Generate idea(s) and elaborate it into a concept briefing.

• Developing kitchen recipes and concept propositions (for example in a Labjam)

• Benchmark / competition analysis (using [1]innovadatabase).

• internal evaluation on taste and total concept (in tastings)

• Developing industrial recipe(s)

• Shelf life en stability assessment.


• sourcing raw materials (suppliers)

• Calculate the costs of recipe(s)

• Selection of packaging (primary & secondary)


• Design / artwork packaging (in collaboration with The Food Agency).

• Small scale pilot production (with for example the facilities of Chez Pascal).

• Introduction at potential clients.

• Consumer evaluation / external evaluation of the total concept.


• Execute risk analysis (food safety).

• Elaborate production process (process flow diagram).

• Raw material and final product specifications.

• Draft of final HACCP plan (update).


• Preparing flyers and Social Media (twitter / facebook).

• Preparing website of the product (for example MrDip).

• Purchase or adjust production equipment.

• Set down equipment settings for factory and production instructions.

• First production / large scale pilot production (with for example the facilities Chez Pascal).


• Launch with clients.

• Initiate and start sales.

Labjam's and ideas

TOP has a serviceproduct - labjam – in which we execute in a few days:

1. Development of multiple kitchen recipes.

2. Development of a design and packaging concept.

3. A quick scan of potential competitors.

4. A brief report with the results.

TOP FoodLab Kitchen at ABP 10 in Wageningen


Overview pilot equipment available at TOP b.v.

A still incomplete overview of our facilities can be found on this page. Our own facilities labscale and pilot are mainly new technologies. For more classical existing technologies we work with partners, so TOP is always capable producing products on small (pilot) scale and taking care of the up scaling to a full scale production.

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