OTR and COTR measurement (gas trasmission through film)

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An OTR/COTR meter measures the gas transfer rate (O2 and CO2) of packaging films. A film is placed in the measurement chamber. This chamber is divided b the film into two compartments. On one side of the film, a gas mixture with known O2 and CO2 concentration is placed. The gas composition at the other side of the film is monitored. After 24 hours the OTR and COTR are calculated from these measurement data and expressed as ml O2 / m2/24 hr and ml CO2/m2/24 hr. These data are entered into the AMAP-software of TOP and Perfotec AMAP.

Intended result

The measurement of OTR and COTR, combined with the respiration rate of a fresh product (vegetable, fruit, flowers) allows producers to choose a packaging with the desired OTR and COTR. This results in the product to be packed under the right gas atmosphere conditions, maintaining quality and prolonging shelf life.

Unique added value

The availability of both OTR/COTR measurement, respiration rate measurement and AMAP software, enables TOP to offer customers a complete package deal in packaging-on-demand.

Technology platform

AMAP the future of EMAP

Brand and type

TOP has an advanced meter available:


OTR meter.jpg

OTR meetkamer.jpg


Other aspects

Relative humidity is not controlled


Oxysense OTR-meter, including measurement chamber. Supplemented with COTR-measurement and temperatre control (built by TOP).

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