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The Palliflex system is a storage system for storage of fresh products (vegetables, fruit) under Controlled Atmosphere (CA) conditions. The system is composed of 8 gas tight, semi-transparent sleeves. In each sleeve, desired O2 and CO2 conditions can be set. Several times per day the O2 and CO2 concentrations in each sleeve are measured and if necessary corrected by adding O2, N2 or air. The total system is built into a cold storage room and is controlled by a controlling unit with computer interface. AMAP

Intended result

The controlled gas atmospheres in the pallifles system allow customers to store fresh products under ideal storage conditions (temperature, O2 and CO2 ). In this system, the shelf life under ideal conditions can be determined.

Unique added value

The Palliflex is a small system, so little product is needed to start a storage experiment. With the combination of Palliflex, AMAP software and OTR/COTR measurement, TOP has the knowledge and technology available to give customers a total packaging advice.

Technology platform

AMAP the future of EMAP

Brand and type

Palliflex lab system, by van Amerongen CA technology


Palliflex hoes.jpg

Palliflex regelkast.jpg


Other aspects

Relative humidity (RH) is not controlled


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