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Permachill is a cooling concept which uses an eutectic cooling system. This cooling system cools a cold storage room. Once the cooling system is frozen and the room has reached the desired temperature, it does not need electricity to stay cold. This makes the permachill concept suitable not only for use in cold storage rooms, but also for transport containers (Reefer containers) and trucks. Permachill is a sustainable cooling concept, since it requires a significant lower energy input than regular cold storage rooms. Permachill allows products to be chilled to just above 0 °C with a very stable temperature. This allows for a low storage temperature without risk of freezing and subsequent freezing injury to fresh produce. It ensures a stable and low temperature in the whole food chain, enabling a low produce respiration rate. The low respiration rate ensures high product quality and enables longer shelf life with less variability between packages. AMAP, Permachill

Intended results

Producers of fresh products (flowers, vegetables and fruit, both whole and fresh-cut) can obtain products with longer shelf life, better quality and less occurrence of product spoilage while using less energy to do so.

Unique added value

TOP has a Permachill test facility available for performing shelf life tests at stable, low temperature, including the possibility for measurement of temperature, respiration rate and determination of product quality.

Technology platform

AMAP the future of EMAP

Permaplus = Permachill & Permadry & AMAP

Brand and type

The Permachill equipment is developed by TOP and built into a cold storage room.




Other aspects

Relative Humidity is not controlled


The eutectic cooling system is developed by TOP and built into an existing cold storage room

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