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The respiration meter is an instrument that measures the respiration rate of fresh products like fresh cut and whole vegetables and fruit, but also flowers. The product is filled into a measurement room and the instrument is set to a temperature between 0 °C and 18 °C. The gas composition in the measurement room can be air or changed to the desired O2 and CO2 level. The gas composition in the measurement chamber is measured during several hours. Result of the measurement is respiration rate as O2: ml air/kg product/24 hr and CO2: ml air / kg product/24 hr. This information can be filled out into the software developed by TOP and Perfotec AMAP.

Intended results

The respiration rate, combined with the transport of O2 and CO2 though the packaging (OTR and COTR) allows producers to choose a packaging with the desired O2 and CO2 gas composition in the packaging. This ensures that the product is packaged and stored under the right gas conditions, ensuring improved quality and prolonged shelf life with less waste by decay.

Unique added value

TOP can offer a total concept of packaging-on-demand to customers, with measurement of respiration rate and OTR/COTR and the link with the AMAP software.

Technology platform

AMAP the future of EMAP

Brand and type

Respiration meter 1.0, by Perfotec


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Other aspects



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