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Within this category an overview is made of all technologies used to separate product or resource streams. A lot of separation techniques have already been used for many years.

Innovations are marginally noticeable through introductions of new technologies. Innovations are mainly seen in adaptations of existing technologies by the use of new media and adjustment of the hardware. Innovations are aimed at scaling up the technology and making it food-grade.

Lectures about new technologies can be found on the site

List of known novel technologies

  1. Electrostatic separation
  2. Extraction based on supercritical CO2
  3. Membranes and filters
  4. Organophylic Pervaporation
  5. Pertraction
  6. Radial Flow Chromatography (RFC)
  7. Spinning Cone Column
  8. Spiral Plate Technology

List of prevailing technologies

  1. Adsorption
  2. Centrifuge
  3. Affinity separation / Chromatography
  4. Distillation
  5. Extraction
  6. Filtering
  7. Dissolving and precipitation (wet separation)
  8. Stripping
  9. Evaporating (drying)
  10. Wind sifting

A basic overview of known separation technologies can be found at wikipedia.

New developments in separation technology can be found at: the site of ISPT (former DSTI).

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