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(Search & DataMining)AMAP (Active Modified Atmosphere Packaging)AMAP the future of EMAP
Alcoholic beveragesApplicationsBestand:Fasediagram.png
Bestand:machine.pngBread and pastryClassical technologies
Cold plasmaDairyDry goods
DryingEMAP combined with online film perforationElectrolyzed Oxidizing Water (EOW)
Extraction based on supercritical CO2Fish and fishbased productsFlowers and plants
Food Design & FoodLabFood supplementsFunctional ingredients
Known novel technologiesLabscales & PilotsMain Page
MealsMeat and meatbased productsMeat substitutes
Non-alcoholic beveragesOTR and COTR measurement (gas trasmission through film)Ozon
OzonePATSPalliflex system (8 sleeves, 2 cold storage rooms) by Van Amerongen
Pascalisation (HPP)PascalizationPermachill cold storage room (0-degrees storage)
Permaplus = Permachill & Permadry & AMAPPetfoodPhages
Plasma activated water (PAW)Potatoes, fruits and vegetablesPulsed (UV) Light
Pulsed Electric Field (PEF)PurePulse - PEF 2.0PureWave - RF 2.0
Radiofrequent pasteurizationRespiration meter (RR 1.0 by Perfotec)Respiration meter (RR 2.0 by Perfotec)
Self-help tables mild preservationSeparation & ExtractionShaka
Shelf LifeTOP b.v. bedrijfsprofielTOP b.v. company profile
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