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TOP b.v. is an innovative service provider in the area of product development (food design) and equipment- and processdevelopment. The main specialism of TOP lays in between the development of new (processing)technologies and using these technologies to make new enviromental friendly, tasty and healthy food products. TOP works for clients all over the world. The combination of food technologists, microbiologists, food designers, mechanical engineers, chemical processtechnologists and ICT workers has led to many innovations. Nowadays there are more than 20 TOPpers working together. Our activities are Food Design, Process Development & Innovation Management.

TOP b.v. works for the SME food industry and technology suppliers and is founded by Bert Tournois, Frank Giezen and Wouter de Heij. The main objective of TOP b.v. is the increase in sales and profit by developing new innovations and introducing these with and at our clients. Also the Quality- and shelf life improvement of food is our first priority. For this we use the newest scientific and technological insights, and combine these with practical experience and a high dose of creativity. We have a lot of work in the vegetable and fruit processing industry. At TOP b.v. research and development is a way to get innovation and not a goal on its own. TOP b.v. works WITH SME's. Fast, professional and reasonably priced. Innovation is 'doing' in practise.


Services TOP b.v.

Vision, where is TOP going?

In the first five years of its existence TOP worked following a clear strategy, of which mild processing, mild preservation and protein alternatives were part. De strategie 2011-2016 is conceived in the autumn of 2011 and shared with the team early 2012. TOP stays focussed on new technology platforms including the themes mild-sterilisation and wastestream processing and cascading. This strategy is drafted after a solid analysis regarding the expected future of our society. Parallel to this strategie 2011-2016 we keep working on the development of applications for the technology platforms that we have already developed.

TOP b.v. and Social Media

We like to keep talking with our relations but also with other stakeholders in the agrofood domain. The direction of TOP stimulates its employees to be active with social media like twitter and facebook. (of course in a discrete way without breaking confidentiality). Our facebook page is here, we also have our own LinkedIn groep. On twitter we have different names: @TopFoodLab, @TopHealtFacts @TOPTechTalks. @TOPadviesdesk and @TOPbv. We are currently experimenting with Pinterest. Occasionally we have press releases (see also TOP-Blog)

Company presentation on Slideshare

On Slideshare you'll find a presentation which explains how TOP is a part of the TDI-group of companies, and which services we provide using some practical project examples.

Internet sites of TOP b.v.

Partners and clients of TOP b.v.

TOP works in almost all cases under double secrecy. This means that not only the content of the project is confidential, but also that the name of the client is not mentioned in acquisition or PR. Double secrecy is sometimes converted to a single secrecy after the client has given a written permission.

Some examples of partners and relations who gave us permission are:

And many more.

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